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Glitch entering beta stage

Jef Reahard

According to a new post on its official website, Glitch is finally entering an official beta phase. What's Glitch? It's a browser-based side-scrolling MMO from Stewart Butterfield and Cal Henderson, better known as the co-founders of Flickr.

Glitch originally began its alpha testing phase a year ago, and Butterfield writes that while the developers didn't anticipate such a lengthy delay prior to the beginning of beta, the time has been well spent. "Hundreds of features have been added -- and nearly as many trimmed or re-thought -- thousands of pictures drawn and animations made, hundreds of thousands of lines of code written, all of it powered by support, feedback, patience, (and impatience!) from our testing community," Butterfield wrote.

He also mentions a substantial infusion of capital as well as the fact that Tiny Speck is hiring, so regardless of the delay, it seems as if the title -- and the company -- is building up a head of steam. Check out the full details at the official website (where you can also sign up to be a tester).

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