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Introducing Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 9: 'Harbinger of Madness'


Strange things things are happening the Saltire District of Dungeons and Dragons Online. Why have several citizens completely disappeared? What is this madness? It is time to don your DDO detective hat and begin your investigation at Stormreach Harbor. Update 9: Harbinger of Madness introduces players level 15 and above to the world of the grotesque, where fleshcrafting and galleries display body tissue as art.

In addition to the new quest content available through the adventure pack, Update 9 introduces new crafting features, which are currently in beta if you are interested in testing them out. These features allow a player to customize the effects of his weapons or armor. Deconstruct a weapon to make it craftable or just keep the best component for new weapons or armor pieces.

A release date has not been set, but check out the official DDO website for more information on the upcoming new content, new crafting features, new beast armor kits, new inventory packs, new combat balances, and new attack animations -- it seems everything is new in DDO!

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