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LA Noire to feature PS3-exclusive content, 'Consul's Car Traffic Case'


While catching up on our everyday viewing of The Daily Show on Hulu, we noticed an advertisement for Team Bondi's forthcoming detective drama, LA Noire. According to a note displayed at the end, the "Consul's Car Traffic Case" will only be available in the PS3 version. Though we weren't quick enough with our cameras, a cheetah-like commenter on Rockstar's blog snapped the pic you see above, confirming the case. Red Dead Redemption fans will no doubt remember Rockstar offering similarly exclusive PS3 content in last year's Wild West shooter.

As VG247 reports, a Rockstar staffer allegedly told the commenters to "Look for more details on that, coming soon" with regards to the PS3-exclusive DLC, but that comment has since been removed. Either way, with just over a month until the game's official launch, we expect to hear more about the Consul's Car Traffic Case soon.

[Thanks, MLC]

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