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Razer Switchblade headed to China with help from Intel and Tencent


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Remember the Razer Switchblade? It's that 7-inch multitouch gaming device with a fully tactile and adaptive keyboard. It first stole our attention as a Windows 7 concept on the way to wowing us with a hands-on in January. Well, we've now got the first official launch country: China, with the help of Tencent Holdings, China's largest internet service portal. Unfortunately, we still don't have final specs on the Oak Trail clamshell, a price, or even a date. Fear not rest of world -- China's just the first market announced in what appears to be an attempt to highlight a new partnership between Intel and Tencent. Today the two companies announced plans to staff a new research center with 60 engineers (expected to grow to 200, eventually) who'll work together on products and services for tablets and gaming in the Chinese market. Good luck guys, we hear the Chintendo Vii is fiercely competitive.

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