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SSX to descend in January 2012


During EA's Season Opener event yesterday, SSX creative director Todd Batty revealed a launch window for the snowboarding revival: January 2012. The game will be playable at E3 in June, so expect a more detailed evaluation from us at that point.

The presentation was very light on SSX gameplay footage, though we were shown some new mechanics. An overhauled physics system in the game will attempt to eliminate invisible or man-made boundaries, allowing you to trick off rocks and find you own way down through the particular track in question. You'll also be able to employ a wingsuit in mid-air, making it possible to clear large, otherwise unnavigable terrain. Expect some familiar faces to return for this latest entry, too -- you can see the new version of Elise in the gallery below.

During our interview with Batty following his presentation, he explained that dynamic snow particles, imbued with their own physics, could influence spontaneous avalanches throughout descent (now that sounds deadly).

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