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Vote for Joystiq in the 2011 Webbys!

Justin McElroy

Hey friends, Joystiq here.

You know how you're always saying: Joystiq, I so appreciate the news, reviews, previews, podcasts, etc. that you deliver to me daily, asking nothing in return. Isn't there something I can do for you? Would you like my first-born child?

Finally, we've got an answer for you -- and it's not give us your baby (although we're happy to watch him or her now and again).

All we ask of you, the planet's greatest readers, is that you vote for us in The 2011 Webby Awards. Just go to the site, sign up to vote, and then cast your ballot for us right here. Then, if you like, comment on this post and take your place on The List of Heroes™!

Sure, you could tweet and tell all your friends about how badly we need their support, but we've probably asked too much of you already. Just your votes will suffice.

... And your first-born. If you want.

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