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Ex-BioWare employee claims to have worked on Jade Empire 2 in 2006, 2007


It could just be a very, very specific, unintentional typo, but we're gonna bet that ex-BioWare lead level designer Rafael Brown knew what he was doing when he included "Jade Empire 2 (360/PS3/PC)" in his list of "unreleased" games that he worked on in his LinkedIn profile. The listing suggests a current-generation sequel was planned for the 2005 Xbox/PC/Mac Jade Empire.

The listing also indicates he was working on the title at BioWare somewhere between April 2006 and April 2007 -- the year that Brown was employed by the company. His job description at the dev even specifies he was the "lead level/world designer on an unannounced project."

Meanwhile, other folks still employed at BioWare were feeling optimistic about the Jade Empire IP as recently as 2009. The BioWare of 2011, however, had yet to respond as of publishing.

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