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GamesCampus announces Legend of Edda Chapter 2: Return of the God

Jef Reahard

Hey Legend of Edda fans, are you ready for new maps, new dungeons, new skills, and upgraded third job classes? Hopefully you are, because GamesCampus is giving you all that and more on April 27th. Legend of Edda's Chapter 2: Return of the God update is right around the corner, and GamesCampus is upping the ante in terms of features and content.

Upon reaching level 40, players will be able to select a third job class from a list that includes Templars, Champions, Shadow Runners, Scouts, Bishops, and Necromancers. Speaking of levels, we've learned that the cap is being raised from 40 to 54, and new skills are available as a result. In fact, a new guild skill system allows for experience and drop-rate boosts for all members.

Legend of Edda's world is expanding as well, with four new open-world maps and three new dungeon instances arriving on patch day. Finally, GamesCampus is tweaking several under-the-hood features including the addition of camera rotation functionality, custom keymapping, a mail system, and various itemization adjustments. You can learn more about Legend of Edda at its official website.

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