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Meet The Gunstringer's dastardly, mustachioed Oil Baron

Every good Western has a nefarious villain upon whom revenge must be brutally exacted -- and Twisted Pixel has revealed the rotund, wacky-armed foe who will fill that archetype in its upcoming, Kinect-based shooter, The Gunstringer. His name is The Oil Baron, and ... well, just look at him! With those beady eyes, and porcine frame, and clefted chin, and devilishly corkscrewed mustache, he is clearly an absolute vision of purest evil.

The Baron is one of the four-strong party responsible for the Gunstringer's skeletonification, and uses his cashflow to purchase thick walls of power and influence to protect himself from his due payback. He sounds like a pretty interesting character -- as do most of the names on this early list of possible villains drawn up by Twisted Pixel, also revealed today. We mean, "Voodoo Dave?" That sounds just right.

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