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Priston Tale 2 goes to the Desert Frontier


Saddle up those camels and stock up on water: Priston Tale 2 is expanding once more with the all-new Desert Frontier zone! The new area may be weather-beaten and sandy, but it's certainly rich in additional quests, challenges and adventures.

The Desert Frontier takes place in an alternate realm where the populace has bowed its will to the evil god Midranda. As you might imagine, this does not make for a fluffy, heart-warming place, and players will need to be quick on their toes to fend off never-before-seen mobs like the Anduhal Rider and the Grity.

With today's 2.1.9 patch, all players will also be able to reset their skill combinations and reallocate points. GamerKraft plans to release another update next week to add PvP match-making features to the game.

For more info on the free-to-play Priston Tale 2, check out our Rise and Shiny exploration of the title, and to get a quick overview of the Desert Frontier, hit the jump to watch the official trailer!

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