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T-Mobile blesses contract-averse with Rocket 4G modem and better data plans


If you're waiting impatiently for the ability hook your laptop in to T-Mobile's blazingly fast 42Mbps HSPA+ network, you are going to have hold tight just a little bit longer. But here's some good news to tide you over: the 21Mbps capable Rocket 4G USB stick is here, and available starting April 17th with new prepaid data plans for those who prefer not to chain themselves to a two-year contract. The $30, 30-day plan will jump from 300MB to 1GB, and the $50 plan will be bumped from 1GB to 3GB. It's not as flashy as the 4G Mobile Hotspot nor as fast as the 42Mbps Rocket 3.0, but it's priced at a reasonable $59.99 -- and controlling the destiny of your mobile broadband soul must be worth something.

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