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TUAW's Daily App: World of Goo


Let's be honest here, ... you probably already know all about World of Goo. You know it's an excellent little physics puzzler from 2D Boy, and honestly, you probably already bought it, considering that it sold better on the iPad than any other platform and has even been seen in the Humble Indie Bundle. Even if you haven't purchased it, you have probably heard from friends how inventive it is, and how building wacky towers of goo with little blobs to try and get them out of levels and into pipes is fun, funny and well worth the experience.

But there's one thing you may not have heard about World of Goo, and that's that it's now out and available on the iPhone. For US$0.99, you can now play this terrific, highly recommended (currently the best-rated iOS game on Metacritic) title on Apple's handheld smartphone. We probably don't even need to sell you on it -- you know if you want to go get it or not.

One word of warning, though: 2D Boy has also kindly updated the iPad version to work universally, so if you've already bought it on the iPad, you don't need to buy it again in order to play it on your iPhone. Hopefully that info will get out there and save some people from buying it on a second device. Or a third, or a fourth, or however many times they've bought this much-loved game before.

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