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RIFT dev diary talks River of Souls, raiding

Jef Reahard

Ever wondered about the design process behind a fantasy MMO raid instance? If so, you'll want to check out a new RIFT dev blog from senior game designer Berenger Fish. We profiled Alsbeth the Discordant a few weeks ago, and today Fish takes us through the iterative process that led to the sorceress' unveiling at the culmination of the River of Souls raid event.

Trion's first RIFT raid, Greenscale's Blight, was expanded to include more bosses than originally planned, and the full plate left Alsbeth homeless prior to the decision to give the character her own raid. "The final result is something that we're very proud of," Fish explains. "Not because 'we did the best we could given the circumstances' but because the River of Souls stands on its own as being a kick-ass raid."

Head to ZAM for the full dev blog.

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