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Twitter for BlackBerry 1.1 sheds beta tag, blossoms into official app

Brad Molen

My, how apps seem to grow up so fast. It wasn't too long ago that Twitter for BlackBerry 1.1 came out as a limited beta, but it's already time for the young app to leave the nest. After enduring a hard two months of beta testing, this renovation effectively adds a few new features and UI enhancements including geotag support, push notifications for mentions, hashtag autocomplete, and a groovy "pull to refresh" shortcut - much akin to the iOS and Android versions. That's not all, folks: updated graphics and support for 5 new languages were thrown in as well. If you're ready to get your tweet on and have a BlackBerry running OS 4.5 or higher, take a little journey downwards to the source and get that update.

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