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Madden creative director departs along with EA Sports CTO [update]


Madden 12 creative director Ian Cummings has announced his departure from EA on the official Madden Blog. His last day with EA Sports and the Central Florida-based Tiburon studio was yesterday, he confirmed in a tweet. He leaves behind a nearly 11-year career with the company to "seek opportunities elsewhere" -- in other words, "a new company."

"I leave the Madden NFL 12 development team with confidence that it is in great hands," wrote Cummings in his final Madden Blog post. Apparently, those hands don't belong to Richard Wifall. The EA Sports chief technology officer tweeted today that he had left, too.

The pair of high-profile resignations was first hinted at in a report last Sunday by sports game news site, which suggested that "several high level members" of the Madden development team "may be joining a new studio." That studio is thought to be social gaming startup Row Sham Bow, founded by former EA Tiburon GM Philip Holt (aha!) and conveniently located in nearby Winter Park, Fla. According to the Orlando Business Journal, Row Sham Bow plans to create 60 "high-wage" jobs -- just the thing to lure over a few old friends.

Update: Wifall confirmed with Joystiq that he is indeed teaming up with Holt, Cummings, "and some other talented individuals" at Row Sham Bow. "We aren't ready to talk about our plans just yet," he added. "When we are ready to talk, you can expect to find out more at"

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