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Readers pick best webcomic: Early Bird Special

We know it's very "in fashion" to pick on the 3DS launch lineup, as evidenced by the landslide victory afforded VG Cats' "Early Bird Special" in last week's Webcomic Wrapup. However, these types of arguments are obviously forgetting about the infinite magic of the 3DS Grafitti AR Card application. It really takes the phallus-drawing technologies of Pictochat to an all-new, inconceivably terrifying level. Regardless: Congratulations, VG Cats!

Second and third place went to Brawl in the Family's "Phillips' Box" and Awkward Zombie's "One Man's Trash." If you've got a strip you'd like to see in the next Wrapup, drop a link in the comments, or send in a tip!

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