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Two Worlds 2 expansion, 'Pirates of the Flying Fortress,' coming in September


We knew we hadn't seen the last of Two Worlds with a new game planned for next year, but a recent announcement has revealed that we haven't seen the last of Two Worlds, um, 2, either. Topware has launched a website for "Pirates of the Flying Fortress," "the official expansion pack" for the Two Worlds sequel.

The expansion is said to serve up "exotic flair, new enemies, new settings and new weapons," in addition to thunderstorms and rain. New multiplayer maps and single-player content with also be included. Then there's the much anticipated "impact-oriented horse armor."

"Pirates of the Flying Fortress" will launch as a "multi-platform title" (perhaps to be released both as a bundle with the original game and as a DLC add-on) for Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Mac platforms this September. "The good old 'Two Worlds' atmosphere waits," promises the announcement, "which is yet quite different this time around."

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