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LG Thrive debuts as AT&T's first Android GoPhone, also available as the Phoenix for the committal-type

Zachary Lutz

Those leery of long-term contracts may now join Android's ranks on AT&T, who keeping with their promise, began shipping the Thrive, its first smartphone in the prepaid column. As we'd reported earlier, this restyled Optimus One can be yours for $179.99, no strings attached. Those scraping pennies together can join the (relatively limited) data consumption at 10MB per month for $5... though we feel 100MB for $15, or 500MB at $25, are comparatively better deals. On a related note, the same phone -- this time known as the Phoenix -- is available in slate blue attire with AT&T's customary two-year commitment for $49.99. Though both phones ship with Froyo, we're hopeful to see a Gingerbread update in due time -- depending on Ma Bell's whim, of course.

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