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Three UK lists white iPhone 4 early, delivery on April 20


UK mobile provider Three has jumped the gun a bit and listed the white iPhone 4 for sale already on its website. You can't actually order the much-delayed device from them at this time, as the page appears to be a placeholder for now. Three UK lists an "earliest delivery" date as April 20th, which is this Wednesday and almost a full week ahead of the rumored April 26th launch of the white iPhone 4 in Italy.

There's been no official release date from Apple yet, but the company has confirmed that the white iPhone 4 will ship this spring. While no one can seem to agree on an exact release date, the Three leak, combined with the Italy reports and the Verizon inventory shots all point to a "very soon" shipping date. Perhaps we'll find out exactly when during Apple's financial conference call tomorrow.

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