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Uncharted 3 beta begins July 5, early access for InFamous 2 buyers and Plus subscribers


You won't have to wait until November 1 to try out Uncharted 3's impressive multiplayer experience. Naughty Dog is putting the mode through an open beta test that director Justin Richmond says should "teach us a lot." Early access to the multiplayer beta will be granted on June 28 for PlayStation Plus subscribers and for those who have purchased inFamous 2 (recalling a similar promotion tied to the first inFamous). The beta will launch for all PSN members on July 5.

Uncharted 2's multiplayer beta attracted more than 130,000 participants and saw an awesome prize gifted to a few lucky players, so expectations are high for the new beta. After the break, check out a thumping trailer for the new multiplayer features, including the deeper character customization -- and get a look at that spectacular Airstrip map! Mark your calendars: The real fireworks begin on July 5.

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