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Pocket Legends declares war on high prices, celebrates 1-year anniversary

Jef Reahard

Pocket Legends is ready to blow out some birthday candles, and players of the portable MMORPG are standing by to take the cake. Spacetime Studios is giving away all of the game's premium areas beginning on April 19th, which means that new and existing players get full access to Balefort Castle, Fathom Crypts, The Lost Expedition, and more -- all free of charge.

Players can level to the cap and freely enjoy all of Pocket Legends' zones through Monday, May 4th. This adds up to hundreds of hours of free content, and Spacetime is also decorating each in-game town with cakes, streamers, and balloons -- as well as handing out in-game party hats to everyone.

If that's not enough for you, Spacetime's Cinco Barnes is starring in a YouTube short extolling the virtues of the upcoming free content bonanza. Check it out after the cut.

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