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Portal 2 has in-game DLC store, like Team Fortress 2's

If you haven't quite filled your quota of hat acquisitions from Team Fortress 2's in-game haberdashery, you might fill the void by perusing the store for Valve's recent bundle of joy, Portal 2. Much like the cartoonish, class-based shooter, Portal 2 plays host to an in-game store through which hats, skins, gestures and other miscellaneous upgrades for the game's co-op robots, Atlas and P-Body, can be purchased. Check out a gallery of some of the available items below!

Though the upgrades are fairly whimsical and entirely aesthetic in nature, it seems the availability of day-one DLC has drawn the ire of the PC gaming community. Piled atop other various and sundry complaints (relating mostly to the game's apparent brevity, or that it wasn't developed with the PC as the "lead" platform), a number of Metacritic user reviews have slammed the game for its store, dropping its average user rating down to a measly 5.2. Wow, that's a whole lot of spite for something as innocuous and charming as robot hats.

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