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iPad 2 now shipping in 1 to 2 weeks from online stores


It always pays to be patient.

While the iPad 2 had wait times of 4 to 5 weeks at launch, the devices are now shipping in 1 to 2 weeks from the U.S. online store. The ship times are consistent across all models, whether black, white, Verizon, AT&T, or with different storage capacities.

The new shipping times could be due to lower demand, but considering that it is still difficult to purchase an iPad 2 at many Apple Stores, the cause is probably Apple clearing up any production issues.

The new shipping estimates are not only showing up in the American Apple online store, but in Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and Australia online stores as well. European countries are still showing 2 to 3 week estimates, but it's likely that the shipping times will decrease for the European and Asian markets as well.

[via 9 to 5 Mac]

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