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Silent Hill: Downpour producer responds to the Alan Wakusations


Konami released some Silent Hill: Downpour screenshots last week with a heavy Alan Wake vibe. Defending them, producer Devin Shatsky told HellsDescent, "It could easily be said that Alan Wake ripped off [Silent Hill] in a number of ways with the look and feel of their entire game. Granted, all games evolve from each other in some capacity, so I think its narrow minded to think like that."

"I would like to point out we have way more variety of environments in Downpour than Alan Wake does," Shatsky continued. "I feel very comfortable that the comparisons will end at these forest shots. There are a multitude of other environments in Downpour that people will be hard-pressed to compare to any other game. We have a very unique variety of landscapes and interiors."

Alan Wake doesn't have a trademark on spooky Pacific Northwest forests, this is true. However, for fun: Guess which game the slightly altered picture above originates from? (Find the answer after the break.)

Answer: Silent Hill: Downpour; source image

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