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Star Wars Galaxies to allow free server transfers to a galaxy not so far away

Eliot Lefebvre

Servers can feel awfully restrictive when you're on Server A and your friends are all on Server B. The team behind Star Wars Galaxies is no doubt aware of this, but if you've long been locked away from playing with potential friends or just stuck in a server you'd like to leave, there's good news. Free character transfers between servers are being launched on April 26th, allowing players the freedom to move characters with impunity.

Eligible characters must be at least 90 days old and on a game account currently in good standing. In addition, the character to be transferred must be on one of the original 10 ground planets (Corellia, Dantooine, Tatooine, Endor, Dathomir, Lok, Naboo, Rori, Talus, or Yavin 4). Assuming those conditions are met, any player will be able to execute a free character transfer upon logging into Star Wars Galaxies. For more details on the free service, check the official announcement. (And no, Starsider is not an eligible destination.)

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