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Amnesty International releases iOS game to raise money and awareness for human rights


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Bulletproof is a new game that's out on the App Store right now. The premise is interesting and a little macabre, as you're tasked with stopping bullets from a firing squad by touching in the right places on screen. I like it, actually. The action starts slow and eventually becomes pretty frantic. The simple, but effective, graphics keep you on your toes (or fingers, as the case may be).

But the most interesting thing about this app is the story behind it. It was actually commissioned by Amnesty International from developers Mobigame, and it's being sold to raise awareness of human rights violations from around the world. All proceeds from Bulletproof are going to Amnesty International (minus, presumably, Apple's standard 30 percent cut), and the game itself is a pretty effective way of getting the message across.

This isn't the only instance of charity organizations looking to video games to raise money for their cause. OneBigGame has been doing just that on iOS and other platforms. But this is a solid cause and a solid app as well.

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