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iHub 2 cease and desist notice issued: We called it


Well, color me unsurprised.

Remember the TUAW post from Tuesday about M.I.C Gadget's iHub 2, which is a small 4-port USB hub that features a cool glowing Apple logo? In that post, M.I.C Gadget's iHub 2 looks like Apple lawsuit bait, I conjectured that it wouldn't take too long for Apple's legal team to mail out the cease and desist notice.

This morning, we received a number of emails from people who had ordered the iHub 2. The manufacturer has contacted them with the news that Apple has "warned" M.I.C Gadget to stop selling the device:

Shocking! Astounding! Completely predictable!

My feeling is that "working hard to rectify this" means that "we're trying to send out everything we've sold while making promises to Apple that we'll never make Apple-logoed products again to avoid getting sued." After making the iHub 2 and the Steve Jobs action figure, M.I.C Gadget will probably be the focus of the Eye of Sauron Apple Legal for a long, long time.

By the way, the video that accompanied the iHub post has been pulled as well.

Thanks to all of the iHub buyers who sent us this tip.

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