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iPhone apps that beat Apple's default apps

Chris Ward

There's a nice little article over at Apple Matters about how, wonderful though Apple might be, there are still some things that others do better - in particular, certain apps for your iOS devices.

Their list starts with the US$1.99 Instacast, which indeed does a better job of managing and finding new podcasts than you can do yourself by searching through the iTunes Music Store on your iPhone.

Next comes PhotoSync, also $1.99, which adds wireless syncing for your photos between your iPhone and desktop. If it only synced everything else wirelessly, I'd be first in the queue to buy it.

Finally, they list Stash Pro, the image management app for iOS devices, which seems a little expensive to me at $3.99, but it does allow you to download images directly on your iOS device from websites, and you can add keywords, titles and ratings to images.

My personal list of apps that I use because they're better than any Apple offering starts with Dropbox. It simplifies my mobile life to the point where it's a pleasure to access files on the go.

What apps do you use because they're better than anything Apple can offer? Let us know in comments.

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