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Mass Effect 3 introduces new Heavy Melee class; screens show Shepard taking on Cerberus


We're breathing into a paper bag as we type this, driven to hyperventilation by new Mass Effect 3 information. Imagine our surprise when we not only saw a pair of new (and quite beautiful) screens over at Game Informer, but also Eurogamer's translation of information from the Spanish mag Marcaplayer (originally posted on the BioWare forums) revealing a new Heavy Melee class. There aren't enough paper bags in the world to calm us down now!

According to the info in Marcaplayer, the Heavy Melee class plays off some new melee moves -- kicks, punches and "a SWAT turn." Shepard is apparently more maneuverable this time around, able to roll, jump smaller gaps and dive into cover like Max Payne.

There are some potential spoilers in the rest of the info, so for the sake of keeping you pure for the last stand against the Reapers, we're going to tuck that info past the break. You've been warned!

Space battles haven't been ruled out, but haven't been confirmed, either -- possible locations for the third game include New York and London on Earth, the Salarians' home planet, a Quarian moon, and Mars. And, apparently Cerberus is acting against Shepard in the third game, employing a range of "mechs, assault units and 'ninja-style shock troops."

Apparently combat will have a faster pacing and more dynamic damage can be done to enemies, such as severing mech limbs and shooting specific weak spots. Environments and skirmishes are also said to be much grander, with larger environments, more people milling about and ships entangled in combat.

Finally, seemingly not happy with any blemish, BioWare is working on a new planet scanning system for ME3, as well as adding all-new vehicles to control.

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