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RIFT challenges the depths of the Charmer's Caldera


Hear me, Ascended! The fires of Telara call to you, for in the great depths of the volcano, the last remnant of the Sorcerer Kings' experiments still survives. The laboratory that was forged in secret was consumed by a great eruption prior to the fall of the Eth Empire. Although most of the devices were destroyed under the molten rock, the Charmer's Coil still remains after all these eons. Now, Crucia, the enslaver of the will, seeks to add this powerful relic to her collection. Ascended, will you be able to obtain the artifact before the enslaver?

As a part of the expedition, you will face the brainwashed slaves of Crucia as she races to obtain the Coil. The Fire-spawn also call the Charmer's Caldera home. These minions were originally bred to defend the laboratory, but they have found the active volcano a comfortable place to live. Smouldaron will not put up with this encroachment of his land. You will fight past chieftain and his Fire-spawn before facing the other more dangerous evils inside the heart of the volcano.

For more information on this and other dungeons littering the planes of RIFT, hop on over to the official website or read the latest on our own RIFT column, Enter at Your Own Rift, every Wednesday.

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