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New 'Humble Frozenbyte Bundle' bonuses unlocked


Through the power of your awesome taste in games, Frozenbyte's "Humble Bundle" has raised more than $700,000 (the average pay-want-you-want purchase price is currently a few cents under $5). As a result of this feat, the studio has released an early, playable demo of its forthcoming game, Splot. The full game will be arriving in "the next 2–3 months" and is already included as a "pre-order bonus" for purchasers of the bundle.

Moreover, Frozenbyte has added the Trine level editor to the set, as well as the source codes for Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds: Survivor. If you've yet to get in on the bundle, you've still got another four-ish days left to grab it. We hear it's just the right size for an Easter basket.

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