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Otomedius Excellent still on the way in 2011


After Konami pushed back the release date of Otomedius Excellent in Japan, it was safe to assume that the North American release would be delayed, as well. Actually, we didn't have to just assume that the original date wouldn't hold -- Winter 2010 has come and gone!

Though it's not a terribly specific update, Konami has provided an estimate of "later this year" for the weird Xbox 360 shmup, along with some new screenshots (seen in the gallery below). At the very least, it's confirmation that Konami is going ahead with its unlikely plan to localize this game.

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On the heels of its release in Japan, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced new details and screenshots for Otomedius Excellent, coming to Xbox® 360 entertainment system from Microsoft later this year. Sequel to the Japan-exclusive hit Otomedius Gorgeous, Otomedius Excellent brings the side-scrolling shooter action made popular by its predecessor to North America for the first time. Also included are local and online multi-player, new artwork and a pulsating soundtrack.

Key Features Include:
Classic Gradius-style gameplay gets a stunning update. Experience 2D side-scrolling shoot-em-up gameplay like never before.
Brilliant graphics and an excellent soundtrack. Environments are rendered in hi-definition and complemented by thrilling music.
Lovely characters to pilot through an expanded world. Choose from nine characters on-disc to battle through all-new stages of thrilling shmup action!
Three's company! Team up with a friend or two over Xbox Live® Arcade or on one Xbox 360 to have help obtaining hard-to-get items!
Eye-popping Gallery mode. View your unlocked stills and graphics in a new Gallery that grows as you progress through the game.

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