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Ten One Design licensing Autograph signature capture to developers


Ten One Design started the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad stylus market singlehandedly with the Pogo stylus. Now it's hoping to jumpstart development of apps that capture signatures by licensing its Autograph iOS Library.

The idea is simple. Rather than re-inventing the wheel when writing apps that capture signatures, Ten One Design's library -- which works with Xcode, of course -- can be purchased by developers for US$99 for a single one-time use or for $499 for an unlimited site license. This is the same code used in Ten One's Autograph app ($6.95), and a free demo version of the library is available to developers who would like to test-drive its capabilities.

The Autograph iOS Library is used in apps to capture digital signatures on the capacitive displays of iOS devices. The Library allows users to customize the stroke color and width, as well as the size of the signature, and provides smoothing for accurate signatures. The velocity of a writing stroke varies the width of the digital ink, and this capability supports biometric verification to capture signature details. Users can undo or redo their signatures with a three-finger swipe, and the Library can also offer a unique security hash watermark for signatures for security and tracking purposes.

The applications of signature capture are huge, from getting signatures from patients in the medical world to having customers sign an app to take delivery of a package. By making the Autograph iOS Library available to developers, Ten One Design is hoping that you'll be signing your name on many more iPads and iPhones in the near future.

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