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Two Worlds 2: Castle Defense rushes to Mac, PC & iOS on May 17


Waiting for the next big Two Worlds event is rough -- we know. September is, like, ages away, and don't even get us started on 2012 (who knows if this world will even still be around then). But, surprise! Publisher TopWare Interactive has announced Two Worlds 2: Castle Defense, coming to Mac, PC and iOS on May 17. As the title suggests, rather than role-playing in a fantasy world, you'll be defending towers in a fantasy world, controlling various combat units and striking down the forces of Gandalf's evil twin, Gandohar.

Of course, this still leaves us waiting more than three weeks for the next big Two Worlds event. However will we-- surprise! The demo is available right now, so stick that in your impatience pipe and smoke it. Is that not how demos work?

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