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Warhammer community update talks crafting, scenario tweaks

Jef Reahard

Community update posts are piling up as the calendar rolls on toward May, and a new letter on the official Warhammer Online website adds Mythic's RvR title to the list.

The letter addresses the recently released 1.4.2 patch as well as a tentative time window for 1.4.3 (late June). Crafting adjustments are also on the discussion table, and before you scratch your head regarding the importance of tradeskills in a kill-'em-all PvP-fest like WAR, someone's got to make all the bows and blades, amirite? Details are sketchy, but the update letter indicates that interested craftsmen should keep an eye on the dev discussion forums over the next week.

There's a blurb about some upcoming scenario changes too. Gromril Crossing and Thunder Valley are expanding to include 18 players over the Easter weekend, and both instances will also reward combatants with double scenario tokens. Finally, Mythic is ponying up for a 50% renown and XP bonus for the weekend.

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