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Apple prototype spotted with T-Mobile 3G signal


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A rumor fresh out of BGR suggests Apple is testing the iPhone for T-Mobile. A crystal clear image shows a white iPhone rocking a 3G signal from the wireless carrier.

Since the current iPhone 4 does not support T-Mobile's 3G AWS 1700 MHz band, this is either a legitimate leak, a clever ruse where T-Mobile Europe is being pawned off as T-Mobile USA, or perhaps some Photoshop magic.

The prototype model reportedly sports an internal model number of N94, which fits in with Apple's numbering scheme. The Verizon iPhone is N92, the GSM model is N90 and the iPhone 5 was thought to be N94. It also contains Apple test apps which suggests it is not a retail handset.

This does not mean the above handset is the iPhone 5. It may be a prototype used to test the performance of a 3G radio compatible with T-Mobile's network. It may also be faked and not really running on T-Mobile 3G. It's not like that we haven't seen that happen before.

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