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EU: Buy a year of PlayStation Plus, get 3 months free


Perhaps the monthly free game and various other benefits of a PlayStation Plus membership have yet to entice you to the world of paid PSN membership. That we can accept. But if you've been sitting on the fence -- a European fence, specifically -- waiting for that one extra incentive to join, Sony might be dangling just the carrot to send you tumbling over: If you buy a 12-month Plus membership before May 3, you'll get an extra three months for free (the same deal once offered in North America). Of course, you may want to wait until you can actually access PSN again before going through with it.

In any case, if you wanna be extra committed, the deal is stackable, meaning you can buy as many years as you'd like and the extra three months will just keep accruing right on top. It's kind of like making a really big burger, except, ya know, with a digital membership. Okay ... it's not that much like a burger. Fine.

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