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Section 8: Prejudice PC pre-order bonuses, stat portal video


With Section 8: Prejudice now available on Xbox Live Arcade, TimeGate has announced the pre-order bonuses for the upcoming PC version. Prejudice will be available via Steam, Games for Windows Live and Direct2Drive, all of which will offer different pre-order incentives.

Those who pre-order on Steam will receive a ten percent discount, knocking the $15 price down to $13.49. Games for Windows Live pre-orders get the Explosion Pack, which unlocks the Riot Mod pulse cannon as well as Concussion Detpacks for in-game use. Direct2Drive pre-orders also get in-game goodies, namely the Lightning Pack, which unlocks EMP rounds for the pulse cannon, tagger rounds for the sniper rifle and Blitz armor. Section 8: Prejudice will be released on PC May 4.

TimeGate has also released a video detailing the game's online stat tracking portal because, hey, this is a portal kind of week. Check it out after the break.

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