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HTC Thunderbolt inductive charging back appears in Verizon online store, sort of


While not a complete mess in terms to battery life, Verizon's HTC Thunderbolt certainly doesn't win any awards in the longetivity department. As we'd mentioned a while back, help is near with at least a simpler charging experience courtesy of a Qi-compatible inductive back for this already chubby device. To add a bit of intrigue to that story, the Verizon store link recently changed -- with the pic and $39 price tag being stripped out -- and we're seeing a part now named "ThunderBolttrade Inductive Battery Cover." Of course, our whirling, cell-addicted minds may simply be reading something where nothing exists, but we're feeling it's at least remotely possible that this inductive back may become some sort of trade-in dealio. So tell us, if this turns out to be rooted more in fact than in fiction, would a trade-in program lure you toward the dark magic of inductive charging or are you happy with that little plug you're using now?

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