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Monday Night Combat update allows you to ride a giant chicken

Monday Night Combat is one of those games that you don't want to turn your back on for too long -- see, whenever you're not looking at it, it goes ahead and adds things like gigantic chicken rodeos. Yes, that's the unbelievable new addition that arrived in the PC version of MNC's "Uncle Tully's Funland" update, which adds said Funland as a playable arena in Crossfire mode.

The new arena includes new bot spawners to help build your Moneyball-hungry army, as well as a giant chicken, which you can attempt to ride for money, or shoot for a buff for your whole team. The chicken even has a name: Chickey Cantor. That's ridiculous on two counts, the first being that the name itself is silly, and the second being that chickens don't have names. Check out the full list of updates, as well as a trailer for the new playground, after the break.

New Features
  • New Crossfire Map: Uncle Tully's Funland
  • New bot spawn buttons for Uncle Tully's Funland
  • Chickey Cantor now spawns in Uncle Tully's Funland
  • New reserved slots for server admins
  • New Action Menu. The Action Menu is an in-game menu for accessing buttons to easily mute players or vote to kick them.
  • New animation for all Pros when they use jump pads
  • Added in a new random lines from Mickey Cantor during the course of the match
  • Reserved slots for players, settable by the server admin. Players are specified by SteamID in the HostileAccess.ini file; in a similar manner to how players are listed for banning. Adding an entry to the "VIPIDs" array (for example "VIPIDs=0×0110000104524662″) will cause that player to be a VIP on the server. When a VIP attempts to join a full server, the server will kick the most recently joined nonVIP player to make room for the joining VIP. If a server is full of VIPs, then any incoming VIPs will be rejected as normal. VIPs must still know the server password (if any) to gain entrance. Also, if a VIP is banned, the ban will take priority over VIP status. ALSO, the cooldown period which a player who has been votekicked must wait before rejoining a server has been made configurable. The default value of VoteKickCooldown=10 (minutes) can be modified in the HostileAcess.ini. Note that a player who has been votekicked off of a server must wait VoteKickCooldown*NumberOfVotekicks minutes before being allowed to rejoin, thus further discouraging repeat offenders.
Balance and Adjustments
  • Added back the number of juice uses in the end game summary
  • Adjusted the way we calculate All Star Rating
  • Adjusted the key bindings screen to accommodate the new action menu
  • Changed the hit sound for the cardboard tube on the Cardboard Tube Samurai skin for the Assassin
  • Reduced ban time from a vote kick
  • Increased height of glass barriers in Grenade III Arena
  • Fixed issue where level 3 Assault charge did not deal enough grapple damage to Bots
  • Fixed Sniper's juice armor obscuring scope visibility
  • Fixed high frame rates causing reduced initial movement speed
  • Fixed normal maps textures on Assassin's sword and dagger
  • Fixed Assassin's being visible at distances they shouldn't be in maps with fog
  • Players can no longer be killed after the round has ended

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