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The Daily Grind: How do you recapture the wonder of MMOs?


Blogger Wolfshead has a problem: He's lost the sense of wonder and adventure that he used to have with MMOs, and he doesn't know if it'll ever return. "Many years later and many MMOs later I still feel that no other MMO has ever been able to successfully recreate all of those feelings that EverQuest produced," he said.

I've found gaming to be like many aspects of life, from hobbies to relationships to passions: Sometimes you wake up and the thrill is gone. Where did it go? Perhaps the more important question is "How do I get it back?"

I think it is possible to get back that sense of wonder and to rejuvenate interest in gaming, but it does take work and a different approach on one's behalf. So what do you recommend? How do you recapture the wonder of MMOs when you've lost it?

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