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Fight through five new dungeons in 2029 Online


IGG is pretty excited to show off five new dungeons for 2029 Online, each with its own unique layout, strategies, and (of course) groovy rewards. The company boasts that players will need to utilize a variety of skills, such as decryption and treasure hunting, just to make it out alive.

The following dungeons will challenge a wide range of 2029 Online players:
  • Clone Factory (level 10): An once-per-day instance where monsters spawn in increasingly tougher waves.
  • Virtual Training Center (level 20): A sink-or-swim scenario that will have you facing off against mutants who've infested a special training center for adventurers.
  • Lab (level 35): Head into the Rebel Army laboratory to destroy nefarious experiments.
  • Biochemistry Research Institute (level 35): Take on the Rebel Army once again in the middle of its mountain fortress. This time you'll be facing off against gruesome experiments designed to make the perfect soldier.
  • Fox Ruins (level 55): Take the battle to the Rebel Army by attacking its energy storage facility, guarded by the toughest enemies it can throw at you.
You can get a peek at of some of these instances in the gallery below!

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