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iPad as concert camera is kind of crazy


Concert shots from a mobile device are enjoyable to take and so much fun to look at when the event is over. Those grainy pictures seem to capture the excitement of the moment, and you can't help but look cool when thrusting your mobile device in the air to snag an impromptu shot. That is unless your mobile device is an iPad2.

Check out the following video spotted by Gizmodo and watch in shocked bemusement at the single person holding up an iPad 2 to take a picture of Kanye West in concert (at 00:24). Looking more like a luncheon tray whose reflective properties could blind the performer on stage, the brave soul holds his or her iPad 2 into the air subjecting it to all sorts of peril. One simple bump and the iPad could go crashing to the floor where it would be trampled by the dancing throng.

Not to mention that waving an iPad 2 in the air is just asking for someone to steal this highly desirable and hard to find device. It also makes you wonder where the person is storing the iPad 2 when they are not taking pictures? In a front pack, back pack or an iPad-sized fanny pack?

Read on for the video and feel free to comment on this highly unusual usage of an iPad 2.

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