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Launch day for Allods Online is finally here

Jef Reahard

The long-awaited launch day for Allods Online is finally here. Yep, the free-to-play fantasy title from gPotato and Astrum Nival is finally making it official after nearly 15 months of beta testing. A lot has happened over the last year, from expansions and huge content drops to controversial cash shop decisions and revisited death penalties.

While you're stuck at work -- or otherwise unable to log in -- have a look through our launch-day roundup and catch up on all the Allods news that you may have missed. We've got impressions, interviews, and more just after the cut. Also be sure and have a look at our Allods gallery below, and visit the game's official website for more info.

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Launch date and Astral Odyssey patch
The Astral Odyssey update is bringing a lot of new content to the table, including a level cap increase (47), two high-level zones (Kirah and the Isle of Revelation), and two new gear systems (refining and draconic relics). Six new allods are coming as well, and you can read all about the officially official release patch at the game's website.
The Isle of Revelation and revamped runes
Allods Online's Isle of Revelation is a level 45+ area that's been ruined almost beyond repair, although a resourceful player may discover its mysteries even so. The blasted landscape is also home to the Citadel, an endgame city for members of both factions that has all of the merchants and services that you may require.
GDC and launch coverage
It's utterly bizarre to consider that Allods Online, for as long as it's been out and playable by the masses, has yet to leave the boundaries of open beta. As we mentioned yesterday, this is about to change, as gPotato announced that the next patch would finally bring the title to an official release.
Allods backs off on death penalties
Apparently, the devs have been listening to the community's ongoing complaints about the death penalties and are taking a major step: They're making holy charms completely free in the cash shop, as of just a little while ago. Furthermore, the word is that the change is going to be permanent!
Fury of War and new instance videos
Keeping in tune with the F2P theme, Allods is offering Volume 3 without additional charge to players. The Fury of War will go live during the evening of December 14th for all servers. After the cut, we have a video sneak peek of the two new instances.
Vol. 3: Fury of War coming in December
After the launch of Volume 3, guilds in Allods can claim ownership of specific allods or entire astral sectors by a new guild-leveling mechanic. This new addition will pit guild against guild for control -- if you claim ownership, you must be able to defend it. Other guilds will want what you have.
Vol. 2: Rise of the Gorluxor "more f2p than ever"
How free is free-to-play? That depends on the game, and in the case of Allods Online, free just got a bit freer. gPotato Europe announced in a press release this morning that today's patch, an update to Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor, will make the game "more free-to-play than ever."
GDC interview with Tara Einis
I also found evidence for my theory that the company is, yes, still publishing games and still excited for the future. It should be no surprise, though -- gPotato has maintained a hefty presence in the world of free-to-play for longer than most. So, what are we going to see next? What did gPotato have planned for the future? Turns out quite a lot.

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