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Star Fox 64 3D will use 3DS gyroscope to fly the Arwing


According to the notes of a financial results briefing presented today by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, the upcoming remake of Star Fox 64 for the 3DS will make use of the console's gyroscope, allowing players to tilt the handheld to control Fox's Arwing as it explores 3D space. It sounds neat, but there's one big drawback: tilting the 3DS while playing totally kills the 3D effect.

We didn't get to use the gyro controls when we played the game last year at E3 but, of course, back then the official features weren't yet announced. Star Fox 64 3D is due out in Japan on July 14, so soon after that we'll be able to see just how precisely we can fly by tilting the 3DS around. Spoiler: there will no doubt be barrel rolls involved.

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