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Just a few hours left to fund 'Fort90Zine4Answer' on Kickstarter


Even if a new magazine isn't distributed exclusively on iPad, the internet can still help in its distribution. For "Fort90Zine4Answer," the fourth issue of the game art and culture zine Fort90Zine, Matt "Fort90" Hawkins set up a Kickstarter account to cover the costs of production, with any extra funds going to the contributors.

With just a few hours left until the 5:13PM ET deadline, Fort90 has raised over $1,400 of his original $500 goal. So those contributors will be rewarded well! Even though the goal has been more than reached, you're welcome to continue funding the project.

Bonuses for those who chip in include your names in the acknowledgements, issues of the zine and its two immediate predecessors, and even prints of the previous issue's cover, featuring art by Skullgirls lead animator Mariel Cartwright.

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