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Meet Power Matt, Powermat's new pun-based superhero ready to answer your tech questions (updated)

Brian Heater

The biggest problem with modern society? A lack of good super villains. Seriously, today's superheroes are getting flabby from sitting around, twiddling their powerful thumbs. Look at poor Power Matt here -- dude's clearly been working out and doing his shopping at the Justice League department store. So what is he doing with his time? Foiling bank heists or intercepting speeding missiles? Nope. He's Powermat's new mascot, and he's fielding questions about the inductive charging pad on the company's Twitter account. Can someone please help the poor redheaded hero out and kidnap a world leader or something? Or at least steal their microUSB cable?

Update: Ah, so according to reader Virginia Comicon, turns out this image is, ahem, inspired by the cover of Superman issue 233. Check out the comparison after the break.

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