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Tri-Ace announces a duo of projects for 3DS and PSP


After showing off a new tech demo earlier this week, Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile developer tri-Ace has announced a couple of new games, both published by Konami. Well, it's about to, but a Famitsu leak got there first.

Frontier Gate for PSP combines Monster Hunter with turn-based RPG gameplay, with three-player co-op as players join a guild to explore a new area of the world. Players will choose one of 15 partner characters, with a different storyline for each. Beyond the Labyrinth for 3DS is a 3D dungeon RPG created under the leadership of Resonance of Fate director Takayuki Suguro and Elebits producer Shingo Mukaitouge.

Frontier Gate is expected this year, but the release for Beyond the Labyrinth is still "TBA."

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