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Vote on Shoot Many Robots' prospective user-created designs


Demiurge Studios asked fans to "Design Many Robots," and they've done just that, submitting potential designs for a new enemy robot to be added to the studio's upcoming downloadable title, Shoot Many Robots, through a DLC expansion. Demiurge has now narrowed down the submissions from "many" to "five" and posted the finalists for voting on.

You can browse through the five finalists in our gallery below and decide whether "Chopter," "K.R.I.B.," "Trikey," "J0TN4R" or "Gnash Britches" would be the ideal robot to shoot. Then, head to Demiurge's site and vote for one robot. The winning designer won't just contribute to the game, says Demiurge, but will get a trip to Boston "to help us bring their design to life!"

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