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Blade & Soul combat videos surface on YouTube

Jef Reahard

Blade & Soul has taken a bit of a back seat to TERA and ArcheAge when it comes to Korean MMO news lately, but thanks to a trio of beta videos uploaded to YouTube by the game's enterprising testers, we've got a bit more info to chew on.

All three clips are heavily focused on combat and feature several player characters showing off their lighting-quick martial arts skills, weapon prowess, and vertical leaps that would make Michael Jordan jealous. Speaking of weapons, we get glimpses of what looks to be a katana, a few fireballs, and a battle axe so large that it could conceivably be called a battleship. The vids also show off environments ranging from dank caves and dark dungeons to a decidedly sunny beach. Check out all the details after the cut, or head to MMO Culture for a bit of commentary.

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